The Melodic atmospheric rock band VINDRA was founded in Linköping Sweden 2004. The first demo-ep; “Reunification” came 2005 and in 2007 the second EP “VINDRA” was recorded. The coming year 2008 the band found gear sponsorship and released tracks on both Swedish and American compilation albums with other artists. They also made a name for themselves on internet, going to the finals in competitions such as MTV Nordic-unsigned and Miller Fresh Sounds with thousands of bands from the beginning. The same year in November VINDRA signed with Blue Topaz Records, the debut album; ”Heroes of the unfinished symphony” was released worldwide in June 2009. A small iTunes success followed in Sweden with the song Dreamer as the 6th most downloaded song for a while. 2010 the band created the music-video for “my old hometown”. In June 2011 the second Digital album was released worldwide thru Record Union, a VINDRA compilation from period 2005-2007 called; “The beginning”.

VINDRA is a solid live act and have played on festivals, clubs, bars, restaurants and television all over Sweden. The writing process for the album Mournful Boy started back in 2011, at first it sounded like the old VINDRA. Later 2011 the band decided to throw away the songs that had been written for the album so far, to go into a more atmospheric and more heavier/rockier approach.

Here starts a new era of VINDRA! During this period 2010-2014 three of the four members also became parents. Of course this had a big impact on the writing process, but they continued and this also made it natural for Cliff, the only one without kids to take a step in as the main lyricist and lead song harmonic writer. This relieved both Richard & Daniel and they could focus more on the music. They recorded it during five months in 2014. VINDRA found a suitable companionship with the German label Dust On The Tracks Records in the late 2014 for a worldwide release in spring 2015 named “Mournful Boy”.

Then sadly the label got into financial difficulties so the album was never released thru D.O.T.T and the members discussed on what to do next, they decided to release the album by themselves thru record union digitally and also to produce a physical version in a limited run, sold in Sweden only so far on; . The digital version of Mournful Boy was released in December 2015 and the physical came out in January 2016. VINDRA feels that the Mournful Boy album really stands out as their best work so far and together with producer Jörgen Wärnström they have created some really great tunes in melodic & classic rock sounds with a modern touch.

Cliff Ljung – Vocals
Richard Sundström – Bass
Daniel Castman – Guitars
Andreas Nederfeldt - Drums

Important events

*debute album : "Heroes" ; june 2009
*official musicvideo to "my old hometown" - 2010
*own collection : "The beginning 15 juni 2011"
* studio album mournful boy 2015/16

Appearance in Collection Records:
* may 2008 - "All light on us" with the song "The Message"
* sept 2008 - "shine on 2" with the song Dreamer, this song appeared on the iTunes lists, march 2009.
* sept 2008 - "Riot on sunset vol.13" with the song "Around"
* july 2009 - Groove CD 7" wit the song "my old hometown""